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2020 Programs

Covid-19 Fundraising Series: Alone Together

During the lockdown, we partnered with Caffè Vivace to raise money for musicians. We helped get music out to people in their homes, by getting musicians on live stream sessions from their own homes. We called this series Alone Together, and through this series and our email and word of mouth, efforts were able to raise over $6500 dollars to pay musicians who lost their gigs at Caffè Vivace. 

Jazz Vivace Presents

The 2020 season has been an interesting one, starting out with a bang and then completely disrupted by a pandemic. But, we have persevered and have shifted our goals to meet the current need in our jazz community. Our 2020 Concern Series featuring internationally renowned musicians in small jazz club settings was set aside just before the second concert and since then, we've gone the extra mile to raise money and support getting our local jazz musicians playing again in our great local jazz lounge Caffè Vivace. Through this partnership, we have restored 5 nights a week of live jazz shows, every week since the end of the lockdown in a safe, and socially distanced environment where COVID-19 precautions are taken very seriously. 

These concerts are all live-streamed as well to the jazz lounge's vibrant Facebook community, making sure those who are high risk and stuck in their homes still have access to Cincinnati's rich and talented jazz scene.

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